CSG promotes voluntary use of non-lead ammunition through voucher programs

Copper bullet (left) vs lead core bullet (right) before and after impact, showing extensive post-impact fragmentation of the lead, but not the copper, ammunition. Both rounds are 180 grain and fired out of a .300 Winchester magnum. © Mike McTee

Conservation Science Global (CSG) is actively spearheading two non-lead ammunition distribution programs to hunters in Wyoming and Montana. Hunting in North America has a long and proven history of conservation success. These efforts are unique in that hunters have the ability to voluntarily help sustain populations of non-hunted species.
Learn more at CSG’s efforts at
 • ConSciGlobal.org/non-lead
 • HuntersForEagleConservation.org
 • Coming soon: MontanaHuntersForEagleConservation.org
For more information about voluntary use of non-lead ammunition visit
 • HuntingWithNonlead.org
 • NationalNonleadPartnership.org
 • SportingLeadFree.org
“Now that we have evidence that lead is affecting eagles nationwide, we are poised to address this problem”, says Slabe. “Already, Native American tribes, groups like the North American Non-lead Partnership, Conservation Science Global, and others, are encouraging voluntary use of non-lead ammunition. As a scientist and hunter, I value our conservation heritage and I see this study as another opportunity to grow awareness of this issue.”