The Terra Research Fund

  • Leverage a worldwide network of Terra devices to collect and analyze data from the world’s wildlife.
  • Bring researchers and their projects together to create a more complete and effective analysis of wildlife populations and movements.  
  • Massively expand the range of detection for existing and future radio-tagged birds.
  • Build a database of sounds available to researchers and conservationists alike in the spirit of scientific collaboration and progress.  Utilize the songs and calls collected to continuously improve identification algorithms. 
  • Pinpoint troubled populations for immediate action through data analysis.
  • Exponentially expand our understanding of the details of bird migration.
  • Automate population estimates around the world while increasing their accuracy.
  • Provide a new tool for seeing the effects of climate change on animals and their habitats.
  • Create unique uses for Terra that directly impact the safety and conservation of birds.  For example, use real-time analysis to manage human activities that impact migration during peak movements.  

An investment in Terra is an investment in people, and in their relationship with the Earth.  You’ll help build a legacy of conservation, cooperation and community that will serve generations to come.  Join us in helping Terra fulfill its impressive potential.