Golden Eagles – Alaska National Parks


In early 2020, CSG partnered with the National Park Service and Alaska Department of Fish and Game to investigate pre-breeding movements of golden eagles in Alaska.  The overall goal of this study is to describe the annual movements of individuals telemetered as fledglings. More specifically, we will examine the annual movements of pre-breeding golden eagles, quantify the potential drivers of those movements and identify potential anthropogenic threats to these birds.

Specific Objectives

Quantifying annual movements of pre-breeding golden eagles

  1. Identify mechanisms that drive migration behavior and performance
  2. Quantify winter space use and movements
  3. Quantify summers space use and movements
  4. Define natal dispersal of golden eagles in Alaska

Research Methods

Fledgling golden eagles were outfitted with telemetry units in Denali National Park and a few additional locations in Alaska by Dr. Carol McIntyre (National Park Service), Steve Lewis and Dr. Travis Booms (Alaska Department of Fish and Game).