Lead Abatement – Eastern North America


Lead poisoning is an important cause of mortality and morbidity in bald eagles. In early 2020, CSG received grant funding from the American Eagle Foundation to quantify lead abatement strategies for bald eagles in the Atlantic Flyway. The overall goal of this study is to identify strategies to reduce eagle moralities from lead poisoning. To reach this goal, we will develop a compensatory mitigation strategy for lead poisoning of bald eagles that meets the standards set forth by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Research Methods
Camera Trapping

Baited wildlife cameras were placed on the landscape throughout the Appalachian Mountains by volunteers, collaborators and members of the Eastern Golden Eagle Working Group to document scavenging wildlife. We will use these data to quantify the feeding behavior and visitation rates of bald eagles to carrion.

Specific Objectives

Quantifying lead abatement strategies to advance mitigation eagles for bald eagles in the Atlantic Flyway

  1. Quantify exposure rates of bald eagles to lead from carrion
  2. Inform mitigation options for bald eagles